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Affordable Website Design and Maintenance

Who needs a web page? You do if you don't already have one. 

    Small businesses, large businesses, teachers, schools, students, family, everyone who surfs the World Wide Web.

    Why your business needs a website:  Having an online business requires a web site. If you have a home based business you can utilize the web to promote your products or service world wide.  If you have a store or business that has a physical location, a website extends your prospects of reaching many more people than just people who look in the local yellow pages or drive by your location. While you're sleeping, your website never closes and is always there for the next potential customer!

     The bottom line is if you have a business, any kind of business, you need a web presence. The purpose of a business is to generate income. The purpose of a website is to help generate more income for your business.

     Currently there are over 347,394,870 people online who use the internet in the United States alone.  The world total is estimated at 6,930,055,154 people! Over the next few years the growth rate will be 30-50% more people online. You can reach a global market place, not just your local area. (source: World Internet Users and Population Stats)

    Web Design, Marketing, Maintenance and Consultation fees vary. Please give us a call and advise what your web needs are so we can better assist you.

    We offer affordable services for all of your website needs. Please call us 423-371-1518 (cell) .

A written Webmaster Service Contract must be agreed to and signed. You can print out the form or we can mail it to you.

Before we can begin your website, you must provide the following information:

1.  The description or type of website you want (i.e. business, service, products, personal site, etc.). You can email us this information, send a 3 1/2" floppy disk or CD rom.

2.  Give a brief description of your website, your products for the type of website you require.

3.  If you want graphics/photos on your site you can have 3 images/page. If you want more photos than 3 per page, the extra charge is $5.00/photo. The charge for a photo slide show is $50 and is limited to 10 photos/slide show. You must furnish your own photos in either .gif, .jpeg, or .bmp format and no larger than 800 x 600 pixels.

4.  If you do not have photos and would like to purchase stock photos we can recommend two services to choose from. Stock photos are very inexpensive.

5.  You must supply the text that you want on your website's pages. Spelling and grammar must be free of errors. We want your website to be Search Engine friendly. If you do not have the time to edit your text for grammar and spelling, we can edit your text for a small fee. Please email us for a quote.





Website set up* (does not include Hosting Service or domain registration)

$1500.00/5 pages

Extra pages $20/page

Set up Email Account with Hosting Co.


Feedback Form (set up on website)


Resize graphics/photos $8.00/photo


Search Engine Submission (1 site)***


Shopping Cart for Business Sites - Up to 10 products or services - We Prefer PayPal Basic Shopping Cart - Other Shopping Carts are usually supplied by your hosting company, all require SSL on merchant accounts. We cannot supply shopping cart software nor purchase your SSL certificate. Prices for these vary.

$400.00/10 products/service

$10/additional products/services

Hosting for your website. The web host company that you choose MUST be able to set up your website to include Microsoft FrontPage or Expressions Web file extensions.

You must provide your own hosting company and register your own domain. We can do this for you for a fee. Please inquire. We recommend or Both offer affordable packages.

Website consultation. If you already have your own website and are not getting any visits due to not being listed in any of the Search Engines or Directories, we can advise how to improve your chances of getting listed and noticed. Includes website consultation and submission to search engines. You must make your own changes to your website.


Custom Logos & Banners

Starts at $50.00/logo

Dynamic Web Effects (We do not provide Flash)

Please advise your needs & will quote price

Front Page Template Designs - We highly recommend Templates In Time  
Website Maintenance - Search Engine submission service. Includes two follow-ups.


Website Maintenance - Updates to add new pages, new photos, change out photos or text, additional text, products, etc. Maintenance (updates to the pages) charges vary and are not included in the costs of a site. 

Email for price quote

* Does not include the cost of a template or hosting company fees. We prefer GoDaddy.

GoDaddy offers a shopping cart program.

You must purchase your own SSL certificate.

SSL -  Some come with the hosting company, some cost to secure SSL, some restrictions apply to the free ones.

** The client submits graphics/photo

***Search engine submission includes but is not limited to:

DMOZ (Directory)

If your site has been accepted into the Open Directory, it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months for your site to be listed on partner sites which use the Open Directory data, such as AOL Search, Google, Netscape Search, Yahoo Search, and hundreds of other sites. DMOZ volunteers (real people) make updates of the data available weekly, but each partner has their own update schedule.

Google, Whatuseek, Wisenut, ExactSeek, Scrubtheweb, Jayde, AOL Search, HotBot,, Metacrawler, Dogpile, Mamma, C4,, ixquick, Infogrid, WebInfoSearch, -Fast Search (, Query Server, 800go, Debriefing, Highway 61,, OneSeek, MetaSpider, Vivisimo, PlanetSearch surfwax, qbSearch, ProFusion,  Proteus, Go 2 Net, MegaGo.comWebFile, myGO, Megacrawler, Search Climbers, focusLook, Burf, Subjex, Alexa, Scrub The Web, LookSeek , InfoTiger, NerdWorld, Aeiwi, Walhello, LifeTips,  and EntireWeb.

Search engines and Directories cannot give you a 100% guarantee that your site will be listed. If you want a guaranteed website inclusion, please consider some of the Paid inclusion packages such as Google Inclusion or Yahoo Search Marketing. Both have a monthly charge.


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