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carol hester
Carol Hester, Rome Georgia, started an online relationship with Edward Setzler in November 2019. Edward was living in Lewistown Pennsylvania and already in a long term relationship of over 25yrs with a woman, Denise Gross. Carol knew Edward was in this relationship. Over 25yrs Edward and Denise had built a life together and a family. Information provided by friends and family claim they had never argued and got on well, that they had a good relationship, and that Denise loved and took care of Edward. Even to the point of supporting him financially for years. It was believed they would continue in what appeared to be a stable and happy relationship until one or both passed. Carol Hester didn't care about their relationship, family, or anything else.
She seduced Edward online, and then purchased a bus ticket for him. Edward left for Rome on December 14, 2019 on the pretext of visiting a son Carol told him she'd birthed 30yrs prior. After arriving at Carol Hester's home, he spent 5 days in sexual relations with Carol, before finally breaking things off with Denise. He broke things off by changing his relationship status on Facebook. He told the entire world he had broken with Denise before bothering to inform her. It was also discovered that he lied about going to Georgia to meet his son. Carol stated to Denise that she had given the child up at birth and had no idea about him whatsoever. Edward had also told Denise, that according to Carol, his son looked just like him, but with blue eyes. The actions and deceit of Carol and Edward ruined the 2019 holidays for not just his newly ex, but the entire family, including four young grandchildren, and even some of Edward and Denise's friends.
Carol Hester knowingly went after a man already in a long term relationship with a family. She cheated with him online, and later offline, and destroyed the relationship and family. She is reported to have even gotten angry with Denise for being upset over what they did to her and her family, and for Denise not being happy for her and Edward in their new relationship. This woman claims to be a good Christian and person. The facts say otherwise. Her lack of morals, and her lack of compassion for the woman she and Edward have wronged says a great deal about her. Carol is not a good person. Carol is not a good Christian.
Edward said nothing to Denise to indicate there were any problems in their relationship, until the day he left. After 25yrs, she was not even given a day to process what he and Carol did to her. Edward cheated on Denise both online and offline, lied about his reasons for going to Georgia, and used Denise until he was sure Carol would provide him with sex, a place to live, and provide for him financially. Edward will most likely seek welfare or disability benefits so he can continue to watch TV and play video games all day. He is addicted to pain pills and has been know to buy and sell them. Edward is an atheist. Carol claims he's a good person. His actions speak otherwise.
This is not the first time these two people have done something like this to someone. This is their fourth time seeing each other. They have wrecked multiple lives throughout the history of their On and Off Relationship. When they get bored with each other or start fighting, they'll simply break up and go find themselves other people to fill their time until they decide to get back together, and do to more people what they've done to Denise.
If you know or see these people hold them accountable. People of Rome Georgia call them out, speak up about their behavior. They may not have broken legal laws, but that doesn't mean they're innocent.
If good people don't speak up for each other, then people like Carol and Edward will continue to claim victims and wreck lives.
Help us clean up our communities.
Thank you for reading, and please forward to any you feel may wish to have this information.




Here is my Story!  I met this guy who's name is Shawn and lives in Savannah, GA!  We started dating in December of 2007.  Like any new relationship everything was perfect!   He was very attentive, held hands, did and said all the right things! 
Called me three times a day, to tell me how sexy I was.  Thought I had found the right guys, after three months we went on vacation together.  Again everything was wonderful!  We saw each other every waking minute together.  Then red flags started to pop up!  His personality changed!  He would tell me about all the women he had dated in the past, and how all those relationships ended badly!  Hmmm!  I thought no this will never happen to me or us!  He lived in the past, angry over the fact that his ex wife divorced him for cheating! (Found this out from his best friend)  Next thing I know we have no friends, its just him and I.  He wanted to control our relationship, where we went, ate, danced, what grocery store we frequented.  If I received a compliment from another man, he pouted, but stated he was not the jealous type!  We quit going to the gym, I received too much attention!  He seemed disconnected, could not express his feelings, loner, very secretive, never talked about his family or child hood!  After two years I found out that he had two sisters, and a half brother. he would schedule a trip to the West Coast, and not tell me about it or invite me to go with him. But he would call me from some bar and tell me that he missed me!  Yeah right!  I was so blind! Once again I thought he would change!  Not a chance!  Also spends the night with his ex-wife when traveling to see his daughter...too cheap to spend the money on a hotel.  Oh by the way once you are dating for a while, he will ask you to pay for half of everything!  Have your wallet ready!  He is a predator, looks for women who are financially stable!  Once told me that the reason we were dating was that I was not a victim and could pay my own way!

Another red flag he watched porn at least five hours or more!  Including porn as young as thirteen years old!  This was very alarming to me! When I would question him about anything, he would change the subject!  I was not allowed to talk or bring up subjects that were a concern.  He kept in touch with old girlfriends that were his past "fuck buddies".   But said I didn't have anything to worry about!  I was also told after the fact that his 'MO" was to find a women talk into having sex, date her for a day, a month or year!  Then tell  her that he was the type to self-destruct every relationship he has ever  had!  His statement to me was this what I do, so I can move on to the next women!  Found out that he has dated at least 50 women in the Savannah, GA area alone.   Girls beware!  You will recognize him he will be wearing jeans that two sizes to small and cowboy boots!   A tight shirt to show off his belly hanging over the side!  His pick up line is where are you from?  Then he will slide in start a charming conversation, next thing you know he has talked you into following him home.  He likes to tie his women up in restraints, all the while telling you how beautiful and sexy you are! He will pursue you if he is interested and then dump you when he feels trapped.  Especially if he is asked for a commitment, or proclaim his love!  That will never happen!  His next line is "this is what I do I self destructive every relationship I have every had"  How lame!  or if he does not like you, then after  one or two months he will just quit calling,.  But if you like this type of guy then he is your man! BTW he is always right, and he will tell you so, He's a racist! and degrades everyone he finds fault with!  What a Guy!  What a Catch!  Take a good look at this MUG SHOT and RUN!




SharonThis is Sharon and her two girls (both of which now hate her) she is a lying cheating psyhopath! She is incapable of love allthough she frequently tells victems she loves them. When she told me I was the "love of her life" it bothered me that she had told that to several others and I know she will say it again. If you meet her RUN she will do all the things she acuses you of.



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"How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand; there is no going back, there are some things that time cannot mend, some hurts that go too deep, that have taken hold."  Frodo, Lord of the Rings � Tolkien

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"Abuse takes many forms: physical battering or it's threat, sexual violence, psychological/emotional abuse, including economic domination, using children, intimidation, extreme controlling behavior, and abuse of pets. An estimated 3 to 4 million American women are battered each year by their husbands or partners. "

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