I Gotcha Babe

Kiss My Grits Dear

Good-bye Jerk!


Why do YOU want to get even?...


She played with your head, made you do something you knew was wrong, and then not only dumped you but made you out to be the bad guy? Bitch going down!


She left you for your best friend and now you have all the kids to raise alone. Get revenge now!



Tired of your lazy, beer swilling, good for nothing, can't get off the couch, don't want to work spouse? Get even now!


Double-fisted-drinking-party- animal wife?



 He said he'd love you forever but now he's seeing someone new? Get revenge now!


Someone is driving you CRRRAAAZZZZYYYYY! Get even now Dude!


Co-worker blues? Want to pull your hair out? Get even now!




Your wife, the former Sunday-school -teacher-wife left you to join the local motorcycle gang?

Get even now!


He promised you the moon and all you got were empty promises. Get even now.



  She was supposed to be home at 5 p.m. It's now 11 p.m. and where is she?????



Tired of waiting for him to come home? He is NOT worth it girl.  Get even now.



Stood up for the very last time? Get even now.



Leave me the hell alone! Send a message he will understand! Get even now!



Had enough? Don't give up girlfriend. Get even now!


Wife turned into a 24/7/365 day a year PMS b*^#% and she's moving in your in-laws? Get even now.




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