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Revenge gifts


Our Gifts Come in a Box












You Decide what goes in that box...


No, Sweetheart, I didn't send that gift. It must have been your other girlfriend.


Is it illegal to send these gag gifts? No. If you think that they qualify for "harassment" then look up the legal definition of harassment. Our gifts do not qualify unless we send them out repeatedly to the same person over a long period of time. We never send a gift to the same person over three times or to a specific address. If you think that you have received a gift as harassment, please check with your former friends or relatives that you might have an issue with, not us.  We will NOT divulge to anyone who buys our gifts. All gifts are anonymous.



All sales are final. A return address will not appear on any of our packaged products so they are not returnable.


If your gift is sent to a recipient, you cannot receive a refund on the item if you want to back out of the transaction. It cannot be returned to us for credit so make certain you want us to send the gift BEFORE you order.


This service is not to be taken lightly. It is a REVENGE site and as such we would rather you NOT order if you have any doubts or are too squeamish about what we send.



All gifts are sent anonymously and the only way the recipient will ever find out who sent the gift, is if YOU tell them, or if YOU tell someone else and that someone else tells them.



For human health reasons and shipping policies with the postal services we use, all animal feces, bugs, road kill, and dead toads will be wrapped in such a manner that no contents come in contact with human hands nor is there an offensive odor emitting from the box. No animal(s) are ever harmed by anyone at Boxed Revenge.


Our shopping cart requires you to allow pop-ups or you cannot order.


If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your browser you will have to temporarily disable it to order any items.



Also, when you provide the information on the ship to, make sure that you have the name and the address of the person that you want the gift to go to and NOT your name and address as the gift will be sent to you instead. Review your order on the Summary Page before ordering.


If the shipping address is not correct, there is a "change" button directly under the ship to address. You can change it there. If you don't provide the correct address and the "gift" gets shipped to the wrong address, there is no refund and we do not reship the gift unless you buy another.


Please note: On orders that are cancelled/refunded before the order is shipped, you will be charged a $2.00 PayPal cancellation/refund fee that will not be refunded to your account. If you change your mind about the gift we should not be penalized by your cancellation after funds are transferred to our account.


For international orders please email us for shipping costs. Our shopping cart is NOT set up for international orders. You have to email us with your order. If you try to order using the shopping cart below for an international delivery address, we will refund your purchase less $2.00 cancellation fee. We do not guarantee international deliveries.


You order at your own risk. If customs confiscates the gift, we are not responsible. There is no return address and goods therefore cannot be returned to us. We can supply an international customs tracking number, but once it leaves the United States we cannot track it from here. If you want to insure your purchase we can charge a small fee for insurance.

Products List


 Disgusting New Products


 coffin     coffin2


Coffin of bones


You're as dead, dead, dead as it gets. No heart, no conscience, no morals, nothing!


The Ultimate Revenge Gift !


The Ultimate Terror.........The Campaign of Terror

This campaign lasts for a full month or longer depending on what information you can supply. Their whole life will be turned upside down. Email for cost and information.




Horse Manure (real stuff)



Boxed Horse Manure (organic fertilizer) - The gift that will take his/her breath away literally! There's nothing that says it better. Eat $#*t and die!


Item #1001 - Box contains one paper party plate, napkin, fork & knife and Horse Manure (organic fertilizer) - all gift wrapped in box - $25.00, plus shipping. No international orders for this item. Super size $35.00.


When using the PayPal shopping cart, please add the ship to zip code in the appropriate box to compute your shipping costs. We cannot process orders unless the shipping cost is added.



We've been updating our site this week. If you find that the shopping cart doesn't work please email and we will fix it. Thanks! Email us. 


Horse Manure

Pure Cow Poop (Real stuff)


Item #1003 - Box contains one paper party plate, napkin, fork & knife and Cow Manure (aka organic fertilizer) - all gift wrapped in box - $20.00, Super Size $30.00, plus shipping. No international orders for this item for the same reason as above.



Cow Manure





When using the PayPal shopping cart, please add the ship to zip code in the appropriate box to compute your shipping costs. We cannot process orders unless the shipping cost is added.





Break-up Revenge? Very personal revenge gift.


This is a good one made just for the despicable person in your life. Cow crap (also known as organic cow fertilizer) on their photo, nicely gift boxed with a cute anonymous note of your choice.


All you have to do is scan their photo, upload it to your pc, send it to us via email. We print it out on different size (you choose) photo paper and take care of the rest! Real good for ex's. See different sizes and price on drop down menu below, plus shipping. Nice personal revenge gift, wrapped up beautifully and sent anonymously.


Use drop down menu to choose which size photo you want to add.


Cow Manure on Photo



Doggie Dirt (Plastic look-alike)


Item #1041 - Tired of being crapped on? Send this beautiful Gift Box of Doggie Dirt for that individual in your life that needs a real wake-up call.


This is an "enhanced version"* of the real thing that will surely shock the recipient. One glimpse of this packaged poop in a gift box is enough to send the recipient reeling in disgust. Everything here but the smell!


 $15.00, plus shipping. Gift wrapped for any occasion. If you want a super size box totally full of poop, please email us as it can be arranged.


*Photos to follow. We glue on various forms of yard debris to make this look totally real.



Real Dead Scorpions



box of scorpions The most profoundly terror inspiring gift we have to offer.


Their worst nightmare come true right before their eyes. How many people have a fear of scorpions?


Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders and scorpions are a member of the spider family of insects.


These are real scorpions. Dead but very very realistic. Six to a box. We can put a note in the box that says "what's lurking under the fluffy white cotton?? They will think that there may be live scorpions in the box. And if they happen to freak out and drop the box they will think the room is infested with real, live scorpions.


You want them to totally freak out, we can add an envelope containing "the rattlesnake eggs gag" which will also scare the #%&Q&^ out of them real fast. It's a little rigged insert that when the envelope is opened will make a loud fluttering noise.


Scorpions - to be
discontinued after supply gone



dead lizard Holy Leaping Lizards Batman! 


Gift to be discontinued


Dead Lizard! One of a kind, mummified dead lizard. Totally freaky.

pig in mud


Your significant other, friend, relative, boss or co-worker acts like a pig this gift is for them. You act like a pig, smell like a pig, talk like a pig, eat like a pig then you must be a pig. This is genuine pig crap, wrapped up nicely and mailed anonymously. It will give them the oink message really well.


 © Image of pig above is Copyright Graham Horn and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License. This photo is copyrighted but also licensed for further use.



Jar of Nothing

A Jar of Nothing! (It's exactly what you said you wanted !That's about what they really deserve. Nothing. $25.00, plus shipping.

black spider

Tarantula Troubles? Sure to startle even the most brave.


A very very scary gift especial for spider phobics. They open the beautiful designer box only to find a huge tarantula spider looking up at them. The spider is 3 1/2" x 6" and very realistic looking. Female tarantulas eat their suitors who don't meet the requirements.  Spider in very nice gift box $20.00 plus shipping. 






Perfumed Horse or Cow Poop - They think their crap don't stink, well this gift will tell them that if it looks like crap, but smells like perfume, it's still crap. This is a big jar of perfumed horse crap sealed in a bag, and tastefully gift wrapped. $20.00, plus shipping. Specify whether you want male or female perfume. We use designer perfumes for our gifts.



Perfumed Horse Poop


  • Glitter bomb card - Glitter bombs leave a mess that is not easily cleaned up from floors, desks or from your skin.


    Safe, but annoying. Greeting Card contains enough concealed glitter to make a real mess. This card does not blow up in your face which could constitute a safety hazard. This one just empties a pouch full of glitter all over the area where the card is opened. Vacuum cleaners have a problem with even vacuuming it up. If it gets on their skin, it's a mess to wash off.


    You get to choose the card (Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Thank You, any type of greeting card available at your typical greeting card department. You get to choose the type. If there is category you wish to add, please email us and we can get a card for that occasion.


    Glitter Bomb Card





    Black Sam Bellamy, The Pirate's flag flew over his ship. Pirates were often called "Blackballers."  To be placin' the black spot be markin' someone for death who had gone against the Code. In old times, the black spot was usually on a piece of paper and it generally told you  how long you had to live. Most often just the fear of the black ball would hasten your demise.


    "'Twas in a Black Baller I first served my time.
    W-ay! Hey? Blow th' man down!
    And in a Black Baller I wasted my prime.
    Give us th' time an' we'll blow th' man down! "


    In some clubs or organizations to be given a black ball or marble meant that you were ostracized or voted out forever.


    You can't literally "Blow the man down" which in Pirate-Speak means shoot the man down as with a gun or cannon, but you can make the Scurvy Dog who hurt you walk the plank with this gift wrapped Black Ball. Gift wrapped to grab their attention the moment they lift the lid on the box! Startling!


     Item #1042 - Black Ball - $15.00, plus shipping.








    Item #1033 - Beautiful Gift Box of chocolate flavored laxative for that individual in your life that's just "full of it." Overnight results guaranteed! Emotionally purge this person by sending a box of laxatives.






    rocksDumb as a box of rocks. Says it all.



    Item #1026 - one box of rocks - $20.00, plus shipping.

    Send this when they are as dumb as a box of rocks!





    Item 1040 - Broken Hearts - Box of 
     beautifully gift wrapped broken hearts. This is the perfect gift for the heart breaker in your life. Box of broken hearts says it all. $20.00, plus shipping.







    Skulls - Item #1034 - You're Dead Meat! Skull for a very dramatic effect. No animal is ever killed for skulls and/or bones. These are road kill or died naturally and found in the wild. Skull only - $25.00, two skulls $45.00, plus shipping. Comes with or without "You're Dead Meat" note.



    Skull - You're Dead Meat




    Road Kill Deal - You're really dead meat!


    Item #1034-A Road Kill (species varies*) - For the most despicable person who ever hurt you. This is so gross that it will sure to give them a lasting impact on just how "rotten" they really are! $50.00, shipping will be added to your order.


    This is what we have to scrape up off the highway. We get a lot of stares as cars slow down to see what we're doing. They often speed off after they see what's going on. I don't blame them.


    Email to order this item as it is in limited supply.


     *Old dead possum isn't playing possum either. We scrape up old dead rabbits, birds, snakes, frogs, armadillos, raccoons, and possums. Whatever's left after the buzzards get done with 'em. It's a disgusting item for sure.

    Email us to order this item.






    Relationship is dead? Send dead roses to express how you really feel!


    Dead roses


    moldy bread 


    Food Fetish?


    Moldy Bread Side Order

    By the slice or by the loaf

    Any way you cut it, it's a big Yuck


     Best served with a cow patty the meat

     Item #1019 - One slice moldy bread - $8.00, plus shipping. Check out the options that can include a cow poop sandwich! Click the drop down menu.  

    Moldy Bread


    ace of spades Ace of Spades - aka Bicycle Secret Weapon - Good luck or bad luck? You decide!

    Item #1027 - Ace of Spades sent to your worst enemy - $15.00, plus shipping. International orders are ok for this item.







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    Seasonal Gifts




    Santa Knows Who's Been Naughty...


     Santa's Lump of Coal & Stocking full of switches


    Item 1039 - Santa knows who's been naughty or nice this year. So do you. Send that very naughty person in your life the perfect Christmas gift.......a lump of coal or a stocking full of switches! Beautifully gift wrapped for the holiday season! Shipping will be added to your  order. Click on the drop down menu to make your selection.

    When using the PayPal shopping cart, please add the ship to zip code in the appropriate box to compute your shipping costs. We cannot process orders unless the shipping cost is added.

    Gift options - please use drop down menu for selection




    gift box 


    Suggest A Gift - If you would like to suggest a gift idea, please email us.

    Slept with the wrong fellow and need the morning after herb?


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